Monday, September 24, 2007

Help me help myself

Fall is upon us, which means only one thing. I need new clothes. Sadly, seasonal wardrobes don't just offer themselves up, so I also need funding. I am open to ideas. The concept of having some sort of financial backer with whom I trade other favors is likely out of the question, since Rob, while sweet--and certainly generous, staunchly refuses to be my sugar daddy. He encourages behaviors like "having a job" and "paying off debt."
The idea here is that I am trying to save money and be responsible. But I think I'm actually becoming slightly crazy and more than a little materialistic. I have started to treat the retail stores in Soho more like museums than viable places to purchase goods. Ooohhh, classic skinny black work pants at Theory. Don't touch, just admire. This appreciation occasionally turns into hostility. I hate you, adorable brown boots on I hope you burst into flame before anyone can buy you.
OK, obviously this is massive exaggeration, but the true part is that if anyone wants to give me money to buy a new wardrobe, I have favors to trade. I make a mean apple crisp and I will totally cut your hair.


Amanda said...

What is the appropriate percentage of monthly income that can be spent on clothes/shoes/accessories? Is it 33.33%? I think so, right? Housing: 1/3, Food: 1/3, Clothes: 1/3. What else do you need?

Shoot! I forgot about spa services...

I'm with you, Sar. Maybe we should hold a fashion fundraiser.

Michele said...

ummmm...miss the apple crisp. was your first apple crisp at the house on blair street?

your wit and adorable ways makes me miss you even more!

come home soon!