Sunday, September 2, 2007

I think I burn calories just watching sports

Yesterday morning Rob rubbed his hands together like a man hatching an evil plan and announced "Today is a sports smorgasbord." And it was true. We watched a billion college football games, the U.S. Open, some baseball, and even a little pre-Olympic basketball. Rob went for a bike ride in the middle of all of this and although I told him I was going running, I was fast asleep on the couch when he returned. Sports smorgasbords make me tired.
Today the U.S. Open is back on our TV and we're watching Serena Williams play Marion Bartoli. They just showed footage of Serena's calf injury from Wimbledon and I'm sorry, I'm sure it hurts, but unless she just got shot or there's a baby coming out of her leg, this reaction seems a bit melodramatic.

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Daniel said...

Greatest college football weekend ever. Wisconsin won, ND got crushed at home and Michigan lost to Appa-freakin-lachian State. Pretty sweet.