Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo!

If you think this is just a holiday that means go out, drink margaritas, and eat enchiladas, then you are wrong. Dead wrong.

You can also have tacos or a burrito.

But you should probably learn a little bit about the holiday since you are using it as a reason to imbibe instead of going to pilates class (yes, this means you.)

Take this quiz so that you can say you really earned those margaritas.


Susye said...

My score was 60%. "Not bad", it says. I disagree. I live in Texas and feel like I should know my neighbors a little better (of course I say that about the people down the street, too.)

Btw, I happened upon your blog from a link from a link from a friend's blog and have been enjoying it. :)

Catherine said...

I got 7 out of 10. Now I'm really confused about one of my wrong answers. I answered the question about "Who won the war between France and Mexico" as Mexico. I take it they do not celebrate the defeat of Z. I was hoping there would be a question about Maximillian (sp?) played by Brian Aherne in Hollywoods version of Mexican history.

Sarah said...

My score was also lower than it should have been. So we went out for Italian food.

Sarah said...
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Charlie said...

i got 80%, which is pretty bad considering I live here. I got the day off work but 5 de Mayo isn't really celebrated here except in Puebla and Veracruz. We eat tacos and drink mexican beer all the time anyway