Tuesday, May 6, 2008

They call me the Middle Man

Me: Hi, dad. What are you doing?

Joe: Watching the Cubs game.

Rob [enters living room]: Why are you calling your dad during the Cubs game?

Me: He doesn’t mind.

Me to Joe: Did you see Barack Obama on Meet The Press this weekend?

Joe: I did. He was very good.

Me: I thought so, too. Rob gave him an A+.

Rob: It was just an A. And stop speaking for me.

Me: Stop interrupting my phone call.

Rob: Ask your dad when they’re coming back to visit.

Me to Joe: Rob wants to know when you’re coming to visit.

Rob: They haven’t been here in more than a year. Tell him they get an F.

Me: Rob gives you an F.

Joe: I’ll look at the calendar.

Conversation continues. Joe teaches me a new word.

Me: Bye dad.

Joe: Bye. Have a good week. Tell Rob I miss him.

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Penny K said...

My parents like my husband more than they like me. In fact, I'm pretty sure they think I'm not good enough for him...

www.kissthisguy.com (a.k.a Jimi Hendrix "'scuse me while I "kiss the sky") is all about the mondegreens!