Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blog, Interrupted

Rob and I are taking our car (name yet to be determined as I just don't feel like we know each other well enough) and driving to Virginia to see Penny and Bill tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the road trip, even though I know it will be long, there will be major traffic, and Rob will begin employing various forms of profanity approximately 7 minutes after we leave. But there will be snacks.

I also have some work travel coming up and will likely not be posting very much, which is the real reason for the blog subject. I'm heading to LA next week for 7 days, followed by 5 days in San Francisco. So there might be some posting, and there might not, and if anyone wants to nominate themselves to do a guest blog, let me know. I am ready to judge your deepishness.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

I'd like to end this post with a short commercial:

The Furminator, which is a de-shedding tool I first learned about from Dooce, really works. It is easy to use and highly effective. Just be sure you have a vacuum around when it's over, because things get crazy with The Furminator.


Dan said...

It would be cool if The Furminator was actually a cross between Mark Furman and The Terminator. Like, instead of saying, "I'll be back," he'd say, "I'll plant a bloody glove at your Brentwood estate as part of a racially motivated effort to frame you for murder."

That would be sweet.

Colleen Snell said...

Safe travels! I'll miss your humorous perspective. I won't miss the cat vomit. :) Say hi to Liz for me!