Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whoa, free money

It's not like I didn't know this was coming, but I was thrilled to get my $600 check from the US Treasury today. Clearly they are unaware of the things I've been saying about them and their moms.

Sadly, I plan to be responsible (read: uncreative) with the money and use it towards paying off a credit card. But wait, now that I think about it, that's just like thumbing my nose* at the Fed and the Bush administration, right? I mean, this money is for the economic stimulus plan. I'm supposed to put it back into circulation by rushing out to get new pants or my 14th IPod.

But I can't be that easily fooled, government. I'll just get my credit card to a reasonable level and then I'll wander down to Soho. On my own terms.

*I know. Nose thumbing. Pretty extreme. I would bite my thumb at them, but it's not like I know them personally.

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ellie said...

I got my own free dummy on my own trip home from said shower in Chicago. Apparently after all the delays and cancellations on Sunday they were way overbooked on the Monday morning flights. (Sorry Sar!) One of the benefits of having nowhere other than yoga class to be on a Monday morning is that you can give up your seat to desperate business travelers in exchange for a free ride to and from anywhere in the contiguous 48. The only major mishap on the flight home was when a flight attendant was carelessly dragging her hands through the air above the aisle seats and inadvertently clawed my forehead with her Lee Press-On Talons. She was profusely apologetic. I told her she'll be hearing from my lawyer. (thank you $600!)