Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deepish Thoughts Wednesday

Eliot Spitzer resigned as Gov of New York. It's not worth blogging about two days in a row.

Several more important things are going on:

1. I haven't had coffee in more than two weeks. It just hasn't had the same appeal since I had the flu. The same thing started to happen with wine, but please. Who are we kidding? I got thirsty.

The coffee thing has been interesting. I don't really miss it much and--bonus--I've been feeling less violent in the morning. So now when Rob goes to kiss me on his way out the door, I'm less likely to kick him in the stomach and laugh as he hobbles away (don't freak out. This only happened three times.)

I feel so zen-like.

Now that I've openly admitted to the coffee thing, I'll probably go and have some tomorrow. But it was a nice break.

2. We moved the furniture around in the living room to...I don't know why, actually. But last night I found myself pushing a large object around the room and when I finally got Rob where I wanted him, I also moved the big armchair and the storage bench. The cats are livid, as they strongly object to change of any kind.

3. I hired someone at work. I don't want to talk about work on the blog, but this is a big deal since it means I may actually begin visiting the gym again. And by visit, I mean online. But it's possible that one of these days I'll go back to a real yoga class.

4. And this probably should have been #1. It's Joe's birthday! Happy birthday, Joe!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Joe! Oh, Joe can't hear us. Joe drove to Alabama to golf, which makes him even more awesome.

Catherine said...

So, who wouldn't run from his 61st???

Colleen_Katana said...

This post was great! I love your sense of humor (probably because it's so similar to mine!)

Sarah said...

Thanks Colleen! My ego will now be inflated for at least a few hours. I appreciate it!