Thursday, March 13, 2008

Get the Huck out

Dear NPR,
Please do not wake me up in the morning with stories and/or interviews featuring Mike Huckabee. This morning as the radio came on and the soothing voices of Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep filled the room, I was jarred out of sleep by the following line "Well, no one ever says 'no' if they're offered the role of vice president." That was upsetting for a few reasons.

First of all, Mike Huckabee is, like, so January 3rd.

Second, as much as I would love to see John McCain royally lose the election were he to be dumb enough to run with a bible-thumping bonehead like the Huckster, I just don't want to be reminded anymore that our country has granted such attention to someone who thinks that evolution is a farce.

Third, I like to hit snooze at least seven times in the morning. But after hearing a snippet of this interview, I was wide awake. Thanks.

Love you,


Joe said...

Since I've been in Alabama (unsuccessfully avoiding my 61st), I'll comment on the week's blogs.
Monday: I think your readers would be a good audience for my essay on the ten commandments.
Tuesday: Politicians are supposed to have mistresses, not go to hookers. I think Spitzer was probably really smitten (Kind of a junior high word for the situation, but I think it applies.) with this girl. After their 6th child, Eleanor Roosevelt told FDR no more sex. He took a mistress.
Wednesday: Thank you.
Thursday: I told my fellow golfers (from Illinois and Michigan) about the rules in Alabama, where I spent 4 years in college. They are the friendliest, most thoughtful people, which they were again this year, just don't talk politics or religion. I think John McCain and Mike Huckabee are nice people if you avoid the right (wrong) topics. So respectfully decline them as leaders, but appreciate them as basically good people. I do not put Bush or Cheney in this category.

Daniel said...

Joe: Are you on the Robert Trent Jones golf trail? My friends and I played it almost exactly two years ago - great golf.

Care said...

If I may digress a bit...can someone tell me when and how evolution/creationism became a pivotal issue in electing government officials? Why don't we just line up the candidates and ask them which came first..the chicken or the egg? Then based on their responses, determine if they can lead us into a new era of peace, prosperity, and romaine lettuce for 89 cents a head.

As far as I'm concerned, the stongest argument against human evolution is, of course...the Jerry Springer Show. When viewed from this perspective, who
gives a s--t how we got here?! And why on earth does it matter? I know one thing...all this crap is making me insane.

Oh wait...what's that I hear?? It's the four horsemen of the Apocalypse riding in! Just in time for the November elections.

joel said...

sarah, it's so precious to see "open-minded liberal people" like yourself be more closed-minded than most Republicans I know. Keep hating Christians like Mike Huckabee all you want. But please start referring to all candidates by professions they had more than 10 years ago. Like for Obama it would probably be text book thumping. For Clinton it would probably be broom sweeping, as she was no more than a housewife.

Peace out.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments on this one, folks. Lots of interesting points. Welcome to Joel, and a quick note: the blog is called Deepish Thoughts. Don't take it too seriously.

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Haha! Where did Joel come from? This is a landmark for "Deepish Thoughts." The first truly ignorant comment ever! And, I agree that creationism doesn't really have a place in the election discussion. That is, unless a candidate actually believes in it.