Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Signs of the Times

New York City, March 2008. Earth Day approaches, the Fed cuts interest rates, the Euro continues to gain strength, and one 23rd Street guitar store makes its move.

Have a tiny carbon footprint, New Yorkers? Pat yourselves on the back and make some music. Tired of spending all your money in the Apple store, Europeans? Come in; where once we would have scoffed if you offered us foreign currency, now we might lick it off your fingers. It's so colorful. And valuable. Where are you going? Out to dinner at Per Se? Take us with you.

OK, that's me talking, not Dan or his guitars. They're not desperate, after all. All they're saying is that they take Euros now. (I expect next week's sign to read "We speak French.")* Because in their last store meeting they decided that a good marketing plan would be to target the people with the money.

*Somewhere in middle America, a guy who still eats "freedom fries" is having a heart attack.


Penny K said...

You focus on the Euro part of this in your post. But what exactly is a "Global Warming Sale?" A "Presidents Day Sale" is in celebration of Presidents Day. So is Dan celebrating global warming? Or does purchasing a guitar from Dan somehow help the environment? If so, how? Can you please go by that shop again and ask Dan for me?

And, finally, the only people who ever ate "freedom fries" are right here in Washington, DC. People in the heartland (and elsewhere) don't have the time or interest in the kind of nonsense that is born from DC political expediency. But I don't care..because, as you know, after decades of political junkiehood, I'm so over it all! It's quite liberating. I'm all about the liberty. And that makes me a patriot, after all!!

Sarah said...

A good question, Penny K. Here's what I took from the sign:
Dan is more in line with defeating global warming through the power of music. He's trying to create a small army of superheroes in Chelsea to save the world.

And basically, if you don't buy something from him, well, you're just contributing to the problem.

It's a lot to deal with on one walk home.