Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Little gifts in unexpected places

A woman named Hazel comes to clean the apartment twice a month. She may be familiar to some of you as the woman who can never remember my name. She is a really sweet person who gives me big hugs when I see her, leaves us flowery notes, and unfortunately also sometimes leaves other the toilet.

I feel sort of bad telling this, but it's now the fourth or fifth time this has happened and so I am sharing. I don't think she is doing this on purpose, though I clearly can't prove that. But I will try:

Exhibit A: Once she left her lunch in the fridge, so perhaps she is just forgetful.

Exhibit B: She takes all unused plugs out of the outlets, so it's possible she's extremely environmentally conscious and believes that you shouldn't flush every time. Even when you really really should.

Whatever the reason, I forgive her. As I hope she forgives me if she ever finds out I wrote about this.


Colleen Snell said...

Sarah - you could leave HER a little flowery note, taped to the underside of the toilet seat, reminding her to flush. You know, something rhyming and awful like old ladies often do in the south ("be a sweetie wipe the seatie," or "if it's brown, flush it down"). Just a thought? OH, and sign your name really big and neat.

Elizabeth said...


Jonathan said...

Another way to prove the point...the next time she is scheduled to come over, you and Rob should build up an 'inventory' in one of the toilets for her to happen upon.

After cleaning out such a treasure chest, perhaps she will think twice about leaving behind things to remember her by.

Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire.

Joe said...


Daniel said...

There's a deep thought in there somewhere....